17th December 2017

17th December 2017

3rd of Advent

Welcome to our Services of Holy Communion (BCP), 8.30 (a.m.), Nativity (10.30) and Carols and Readings (6.p.m.). Revd Olu is leading at 8.30, the Sunday Groups at 10.30, and Sonia at 6.00. Revd. Olu will preach during the Evening Service.

Bible Readings

8.30: 1 Cor. 4.1-5 & Matt. 11. 2-10

10.30: Luke 2: 26-45


Please listen out for the songs as they are announced. There will be a separate sheet with song but the young people are leading and singing most of the songs.

A big thank you to all those who distributed Christmas publicity cards to our neighbours.

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